Case: UniverCell Holding GmbH

UniverCell produces electrodes, cells and batteries based on lithium-ion technology in Germany. With everything they do, they make sustainable energy usable and develop energy storage systems of the highest quality in order to realize the energy transition.

Despite the manufacturing industry, they belong to the category of scale-ups. In June 2020, the first round of financing was closed and 15 million euros were raised. With this investment, the team and the machine park are now being built up in order to process an order volume of 75 million euros. It is particularly important for the founders not to leave the topic of culture and values ​​in the structure to chance.



UniverCell is built with a lot of passion. The two founders Dr. Stefan Permien and Marius Strack put everything on one card because they are passionate about their mission.

It is extremely important to both of them, especially in the development phase, that every new person in the team really fits into the lived culture . From previous projects, both have seen firsthand how conflicts and general disharmony can endanger the entire project.

Success is largely dependent on having the right talent and being valued at eye level. This is especially true when many employees with different professional backgrounds are faced with such a mammoth task.


1. Culture Design Workshop

LIFT first completed a micro workshop on cultural design with Stefan and Marius. Here both were introduced to the LIFT tool for value work and learned how to use this data-based assistance in daily setup.
“With this we are actively building up our authentic culture in a targeted manner” – Stefan Permien, CEO

2. Leadership App

Above all, through the subsequent help of the app, you have clear recommendations for action on how each individual in the team remains motivated, despite the high and changing workload. “We even become a coach for our employees” – Marius Strack, Vice President Operations

3. Recruiting Tool

In addition, UniverCell uses our recruiting guidelines in the hiring process to clarify the management of expectations on both sides and to meet new employees on an equal footing right from the start.


UniverCell has firmly established LIFT in the application process from the very beginning. The guidelines ensure a deep level of mutual trust in the introductory phase and a valuable addition for further discussions with applicants. In onboarding, the findings from the profile analyzes make it possible for potentials to be seen and addressed before the first day of work.

In addition, Stefan and Marius now have a transparent view of the team culture and the dynamics of growth. In this way, conflicts could be avoided and an emotional bond in the growing team is extremely high right from the start.


“With the recruiting guidelines I was able to foresee how new people would behave in certain situations and what they would need to quickly find their way into the team. That is essential, because teamwork is everything! "

Marius Strack
Vice President operatives Geschäft

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