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The person´s individuality is the highest value. For this, we decode individual motivation and team cultures to inspire people and choose best matching talents.

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Culture and intrinsic motivation of your (potential) employees are very important to you. For you in recruiting, however, this also means: additional effort to meet this complex requirement.

You will receive a data-based comparison of the individual motivation of the talents, the existing team culture and the respective job profile. Through this connection, we can give you a validated prediction when selecting suitable candidates – for accurate and fast recruiting decisions that focus on individual potentials and unique cultures.

Through our LIFT Widget you can additionally present your individual team cultures in a transparent and understandable way, so that talents are enthusiastic about you from the first contact.

Start with the team Culture Report

Decode & communicate culture

Our TEAM CULTURE REPORT is based on anonymous statements from each team member and presents the current team culture in a transparent and understandable way. It shows you which values ​​the team really lives by. In addition, the detailed report helps your team leads with a value-based leadership.

Attracting Talents

Employer-branding, but credible!

Over 90% of applicants want a credible and understandable view into the actual team environment, because culture is an important criteria when selecting a potential employer. With our widget you can present this desired insight. This increases the attention of the talents significantly and thus also the quality of applications.

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Matching Talents

Make accurate & quick
recruiting decisions

Our matching score gives you a data-based prediction of whether the candidate suits you and the vacant position. To do this, we compare the applicant’s individual motivation with your team culture and job profile. This saves you at least one day in the time-to-hire and avoids costs for mishires. 

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LIFT Talent-Pool

Find & be found - by the best talent!

Through our work, we are in direct contact with top applicants.

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Our Technologie

We work with Profile Dynamics®, a motivational analysis in diagnostics for personality development.
This forms the scientific basis of our solutions.





These companies already trust Profile Dynamics®. We integrate the technology in innovative formats and thus offer tailor-made solutions for recruiting.

These companies are already using our solutions


We help build the unicorns of tomorrow. These include WorkGenius, Bao and many more.

Read here what these innovative companies are relying on and how we were able to help them grow quickly and sustainably by facilitating their recruiting processes.

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We support you

We help you to use the complex topic of culture as an opportunity not only to streamline processes, but also to find the best talent quickly and effectively and to retain them in the long term.


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