Modern workshops
for high performing teams

We leverage the full potential of your teams: individual, tailor-made and supported by data science.


The most common reason to separate from employees is: a lack of engagement


The most important factor in sustainable motivation is an emotional bond with the team


As a modern entrepreneur, you feel responsible for the development of your employees. Innovation needs a well-functioning team. Team-level conflicts often fail ambitions and create a constant risk. Especially in times of remote work, sprinting and changing team setups, it can be a challenge for some to adapt to new tools, structures and colleagues.

In addition: 85% of employees have no emotional connection to their job. Intrinsically motivated people do up to 6 times more because they love what they do.

LIFT ensures sustainable team spirit: with a data-based decision-making support, individual evaluations and innovative trainings.
This package helps in particular to prevent conflicts and to meet today’s changing requirements. We always pursue an approach on an equal footing that values ​​everyone in the team individually and strengthens the emotional basis of trust in the team.


The LIFT process

Our analysis is based, among other things, on Profile Dynamics®, which is used by many successful companies around the world. We supplement the data recorded in the analysis with an individual evaluation by our coaches, as well as a remote workshop format. The time required per employee is only 3 hours and can be planned flexibly.

1. Individual Analysis

Scientifically validated analyzes for each team member. (20 minutes, online).

This first step creates a transparent basis for discussion in order to meet each person individually and to focus on personality.

2. Personal coaching

Individual discussion and evaluation of the analyzes with a certified coach (1: 1, online, 40 minutes). Together we dive into a self-reflecting view on moitvations.

3. Team-Reports, Videos & Podcast

Digital representation and analysis of the motivators of all team members as well as the team as a unit, team strengths and possible watch-outs for joint work are highlighted.

4. Team Workshop

Micro-workshop (2h, online) for a better self-image and sustainable team spirit with certified coaches and innovative methods.

Deine Vorteile

A “we-feeling” is all well and good, but you want a team that not only gets along but also performs better than ever before. Whether remote or not, mutual trust and intrinsic motivation remain the basis for a successful collaboration that guarantees rapid growth.


Everyone feels valued and part of something big.


Your team will be in the flow and develop new concepts.


Those who are really motivated will really perform.

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