TEAM TAlent match

Matching values for sustainable recruiting

Select suitable candidates quickly and accurately, thereby saving time and money.


… of the applicants state that the LIFT analysis had a positive influence on their selection.


…times, applicants already feel emotionally connected to the company after the analysis.

As an innovative company, you want to scale quickly and attract the right talent for it. Especially in teams that are just forming, the right match is once again important. The risk of mishires is extremely high. Interviews and onboarding are time-consuming and high fluctuation must be avoided in any case.

You will receive a transparent forecast of which candidates will fit the open position and the existing team. For this, LIFT identifies the ideal requirements for the best possible performance and sustainable motivation.

We work with a data-based decision-making support in order to determine the perfect match for each team when selecting the candidates. Individual, automated and validated.

data based,

2/3 of all young professionals expect the future employer to match their own personality. In order for this foresight to succeed, you need relevant information about the person, task and team dynamics. From now on you will receive exactly this information and thus enrich your recruiting decisions in the long term.

Matching values

1. Requirement profile

Based on the necessary skills, we work together to determine a realistic requirement profile. The perfect swiss army knife remains in the wish list. You will learn which values ​​the applicant has to bring with them in order to develop their full potential and to perform sustainably.

2. Team-Analysis

Each person on the team answers a 7-minute questionnaire.

The results from this represent the current team environment in a meaningful and validated manner.

3. Profile analysis of the candidates

After a 20-minute questionnaire, applicants receive a detailed report on their own needs and their own value structure. They learn what intrinsically motivates them and in which culture they will develop their full potential.

4. Matching

We put together the essential and relevant information about the requirement profile, team environment and profile analyzes clearly and in real time and, of course, interpret it for you as well.

Your Benefits


You will find out which candidate really suits you and the team.


The risk of mishires is minimized.


The assessment reduces the TTH by about a full day.


Access to a steadily growing LIFT talent pool


Make a non-binding appointment today and we look forward to introducing you to the only assessment you will ever need.

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