Decode & reflect on individual team culture

Are the corporate values really noticeable in the individual teams? Analyze the lived out values and reflect them in a scientifically validated process.


The most important factor of sustainable motivation is an emotional bond with the team

As an open-minded company, culture is highly important to you. For this, you have clearly defined values. However, every team works in its own way, so values ​​are often perceived differently.

Find out how your individual teams really tick and thereby gain a common understanding. This enables you to actively promote, reflect and shape cultural developments.

With our analysis, we start at the smallest level, the individual team members. This enables us to present team cultures in a tangible, validated and transparent manner.

With the Team Culture Report, you can also optimize your job postings by using the results to describe your values in an understandable and authentic manner.

Create a solid foundation!

With only 7 minutes of effort, you get maximum benefit with the automated and data-based report. The results of the culture check serve you as a basis for team-oriented self-reflection, as well as for value-oriented recruiting.


Ideal starting point for

How it works

Our analysis is based, among other things, on Profile Dynamics®, which is used by many successful companies around the world. This enables us to provide a scientifically validated analysis of your individual team values.

Analyse Schritt 1

1. Team-Analysis

Each person of the team answers a 7-minute questionnaire.

The answers are evaluated anonymously so that meaningful and validated results can be guaranteed.

Analyse Schritt 1

2. Automatized report

The result depicts your team culture in an understandable and authentic way. The lived values ​​are presented transparently and thus the question of how it feels to work in this team is answered.


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