Show your team culture – tangible, transparent & honest

Allows applicants to take an authentic look at your team before the first interview. This increases the interest of the best talents as well as the quality of applications. 



…applicants pay particular attention to the cultural values ​​in the team, when looking for a suitable job.

Although corporate values ​​are important guidelines, they are often perceived by talented individuals as not tangible and implausible. What really counts for them is the culture actually lived in the team. 

For the first time, the LIFT TEAM WIDGET displays this information objectively and transparently. It reflects the honest perception of the current team members and thus forms a counterpoint to the often harsh reviews on Kununu. 

With this addition you can inspire talents and convince them of yourself.

How it works

1. Team-Culture-Analysis

Each person on the team answers a 7-minute questionnaire.

The answers are evaluated anonymously so that meaningful and validated results can be guaranteed.


2. Transparent results

You will receive a report that depicts your team culture in an understandable and authentic manner. The lived values ​​are presented transparently and thus the question of how it feels to work in this team is answered.


The LIFT widget shows the 5 most important values ​​of your team analysis in the most modern design.

Value messages clarify the individual values ​​and give a direct insight into the actual environment.

The widget can be integrated directly into your job postings as a preview – in cooperation with common applicant management systems such as Personio and much more.



LIFT is neutral and unbiased, which increases credibility and confidence in the statements.


The scientifically validated method is more balanced and meaningful than Kununu comments.


The integration of the LIFT widget attracts attention and reflects the zeitgeist of job seekers.


Integrations into existing systems give you maximum flexibility in your search for top talent.

Inspired by talents

“If one of three similar job postings shows the widget, I’ll definitely gravitate towards this company.”

Alina – project manager

“The widget means that culture is really important to the company. It says: ‘You should see that too!’ ”

– Sales

“The widget allows me to see whether I could fit into the team. If so, I really want to apply. ‘”

Souraya – Key Account 

Try it out for free!

Arrange a non-binding appointment today and we look forward to introducing you to the LIFT TEAM’WIDGET. 

All of our solutions are tailor-made. Therefore, the process needs a little coordination so that we can get to know you and support you optimally. Free of charge and without obligation, of course!

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