Data based



Profile Dynamics® is a motivational analysis in diagnostics for personality development and provides the scientific basis for our work.

“What are the strengths of your employees? What is important to you? What kind of environment should I create so that everyone can develop their full potential and what steals energy? “

The personal analysis in combination with the modern and innovative formats of LIFT will help you to discover values ​​and motives and to better understand your team and your applicants.

Potential analysis

To understand what our approach is focused on, imagine an iceberg in the water. Above the surface of the water we see what people reveal about themselves, the visible behavior (including skills) . Diving a little below the surface of the water leads to thinking and feeling a person. With our approach, however, we go much deeper and analyze the individual motives and drives of people. This results in everything above and this is the only way to really recognize and promote potentials and motivations .

Scientifically validated

For over 15 years psychologists and consultants have been researching and developing this method, which has also been scientifically validated for many years and has proven itself in over 120,000 applications in well-known companies.

The 7 Value Systems

The internationally recognized research of the psychologist Clare W. Graves is essentially based on 7 value systems that make up our personality. Their composition is different for every person and makes us unique. In the following we give you a little insight into the systems categorized by color.


Qualitäten: aufopferungsbereit, hingebungsvoll, familiär verbunden
Fallstricke: konservativ, wenig kritisch, dogmatisch

Firmen oder Familien können einen stark ausgeprägten lilafarbenen Charakter mit einer eigenen Identität haben. Beispielsweise der  niederländischen Elektronikhersteller Philips, der gut für seine Arbeitnehmer sorgt, die sehr stolz auf das Unternehmen sind. Zum Beispiel auch die Kennedy-Dynastie oder Familien, deren Söhne über Generationen hinweg Hausarzt oder Priester werden.

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